Chairperson Aderounmu supports Free Speech Act

May 19, 2018

The NY Assembly during its 2017-2018 Legislative Session created Bill A9801. The Bill relates to the enactment of the student journalist free speech act. If the bill where passed into law, it would "enacts the student journalist free speech act to protect student speech at educational institutions unless such speech is libelous, an invasion of privacy, or incites students to commit an unlawful act, violate school policies, or to materially and substantially disrupt the orderly operation of the school." 


Student Trustee and Chairperson John said, "At a time where thinly veiled attacks on student voices are often coupled with claims of support for freedom of expression, It is important we lend support to initiatives that amplify student voices. Today, we can start right here, by supporting this bill to protect the rights of student journalist". 


John recently signed on to support this bill. It is currently at the committee level and is seeking the support of all to help it get through and onto the calendar to be approved by the Senate and assembly and then delivered to the governor to be signed. 


CO-SPONSORS include:
Catherine Nolan
Deborah Glick
Philip Palmesano
Nily Rozic
Rebecca Seawright
William Magnarelli
Anthony D'Urso
Carmen E. Arroyo
Ellen C. Jaffee
Jo Anne Simon
Joseph Giglio
Peter Lawrence
Linda Rosenthal
Jose Rivera
Patricia Fahy
Richard Gottfried


David Buchwald
Vivian Cook
Sandy Galef

DO YOU SUPPORT THIS LEGISLATION? Click the link below and click AYE.

They will ask you for your



and give you the option to send a personal message to your Senator. 

Creating an account will allow you to support or oppose other legislation that matters to you. You will be able to sign petitions with one click, stay updated with committee updates and more.  

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