In January 2019, during the open comment period for the proposed rollbacks, USS directed students to flood the public comments in opposition to the changes. CUNY students helped generate more than 120,000 comments that were submitted to the U.S. Deparment of Education.


In the Summer of 2019, USS testified against the rollbacks at the New York City Council hearing on Title IX changes. Click here to view our testimony. 

Click here to view CUNY's comments on the proposed changes as well.

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US Secretary of Education Betsy Devos is currently implementing changes that would radically alter how sexual assault complaints are made throughout public and private schools (on site and offsite) and colleges. The rule falls under Title IX – therefore, anyone receiving federal funds (like CUNY) would be impacted. 


The rules, which were originally supposed to be finalized almost a year ago, will likely be enforced in the Fall 2020 semester, despite calls from advocates for a delay in said changes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The changes would largely bolster the rights of the accused and generally make sexual misconduct allegations more difficult to pursue on campus. 


Secretary DeVos’s proposed Title IX rules on sexual harassment would make schools more dangerous for all students. Under the proposed rules, schools would be encouraged, and even required, to be complicit in harassment and violence. Title IX was enacted to ensure that sex discrimination (including sexual harassment) would never be the end of anyone’s education. Yet DeVos’s rules are aimed at sabotaging the very purpose of Title IX.

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Ending campus sexual assault requires a multi-faceted approach. Solutions include:


  • clearer campus sexual assault policies

  • widely available comprehensive sexual assault education programs like prevention and bystander training

  • a resource shift from risk-reduction strategies to prevention strategies

  • consistent and clear reporting and investigation practices

  • survivor-centered response to sexual assault

  • adequate support resources for survivors of sexual assault

  • and creating a culture-shift on campuses that addresses the root cause of sexual assault


Regulations from @BetsyDeVosED would inappropriately favor the accused and make schools less safe for survivors of sexual assault and harassment. DELAY DELAY DELAY these changes; @CUNY has enough to deal with during #COVIDー19 pandemic!!